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Apr 7, 2007


BT-Glue is a project that I'm currently putting a lot of my time into. Basically, the idea is to create a library of agents and environments implemented in C++ that can easily be plugged together. There is also a visualization component : currently implemented in objective-c with Cocoa on OS X, you can easily write a visualizer for an environment and watch the agent's value function, policy, whatever.

It's coming along quite well, and I think its sort of interesting. I'm also working on the "Second World", which is a large, very complex, environment that will be used for reinforcement learning research. The idea is that it is not supposed to be exactly like the real world, but it is supposed to be rich and complex enough to require beyond state of the art RL techniques in order to create successful agents. The agent's experience consist of rapid (10-100 hz?) primitive sensors signals that it must respond to with primitive actions. The project is a little unique because the environment is a real time environment, 1 second of world time roughly corresponds to 1 second of real time.

BT-Glue is cool because I want the agents from Second World to be portable to Mountain Car for example : generic agents, applicable to a variety of problems. That's where BT-Glue comes in.

Anyways, I should say more here, and I will later, but for now I just want to link to BT-Glue.


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